Kevin Allwood is seemingly a jack-of-all-trades, a man-of-all-seasons, a multi-hyphenate way before multi-hyphenates were even a thing. Then again, maybe I’m thinking too small. Perhaps Kevin Allwood is a universe unto himself.

“We wanted to create a place where people could feel as good as they felt in their own homes, and even better. A place that would create a lasting positive feeling long after your visit.

A place where the quality and the simplicity of the ingredients in the food, would create a taste experience of pure joy.” – Kevin Allwood

KA SPACE and Allwood market was created by Kevin Allwood to give guests an oasis of calm in a other wise noise filled food desert


1183a queen street east, ground floor Toronto


opening times

Tuesday to Friday: 10:00am – 5:00pm    Saturday to Sunday BRUNCH 10:00am to 4:00pm

Tel 647-657-9600

For private events and outside catering ,please email

Zelia has been with the ka space cafe brand from before it even began. working along side Kevin allwood allowed her a hands on view of the creation of a concept from beginning.

the idea of a plant based and vegitarian spot came from a personal need to find food that she would want to eat each day. being an athlete also meant that her food: had to be food, not filler.

as a new plant-based eater. the journey was not an easy one. the dream of creating a food space, began with the personal desire for healthy, flavourful, plant based "soul-food"

"I love food fashion and wellness in no particular order" says the young business owner.
"but if i was to pick a number one it would hands down be food" as the food you eat determines all the rest.
both spiritual food and physical food."
This is why we are determined to make : soul-food at ka space

We bring you the best-tasting foods made from the cleanest and most nutrient-rich ingredients that we can source. With passion and creativity, our chef (Kevin Allwood) create delicious and flavorful foods that ensure that you are not only fed but you are nourished. We are inspired by the idea that eating well is the simplest and most effective way to improve one’s health, wellbeing and mood.

Zelia Mouana

I believe that the physical food is just a vehicle for the invisible energy that is transferred by those doing the cooking. the same way our bodies are also a vehicle for something invisible. this is why at ka space the "vibe" is the most important ingredient in the kitchen.

Kevin allowed_ chef

ka space cafe


plant based food

is (at present)

the healthiest

form of nourishment for


executive chef Kevin Allwood

We believe

the start of your journey

to well-being

begins with the


you choose to


we believe

the healthiest food

for being_human



saving the planet is