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Dine in | Brunch KaSpace is so disorientingly exhilarating. When you first enter, it's easy to mistake it for a high-end boutique (with its beauty products on display) or posh spa (with its soothing music and a fragrant smell that lingers in the air). It's only when you see the menu board and coffee / baked goods bar that you get confirmation that, yes, this is the right place and yes, they do serve food. Once we got our bearings, we zeroed in on our meal and got: - Kevin's Breakfast: If it's named after the owner (who makes it himself), you've got to try it. This was scrambled eggs, tempeh bacon, hashbrown and salad served in what can be described as a high-end tupperware container. Well executed standard breakfast fare. - Ackee Brunch: Loved this. Jamaican scrambled ackee with peppers, plantains, hashbrown and salad, we were warned by Kevin that it could be spicy. It was, but in the best way - flavourful, tasty, a good kick to the tastebuds. - Carrot Cake: This might possibly be my most favourite carrot cake in the city. I dont know how else to describe it but to say it tasted like Christmas. - Banana Bread: OMG so good! The banana bread itself was moist, but it's the coconut (?) cream cheese icing that put it over the top. - Lychee Cactus Pear juice: Refreshing, not overly sweet, strong lychee flavour. Kevin and Zelia are so welcoming, creating a space that makes you feel calm and open. KaSpace fills you with such a positive vibe that you can't help but enjoy yourself while you're there.


ital vegan

The most important health benefits of ackee fruit may include its ability to lower blood pressure, boost energy levels, support healing, and growth, aid in digestion, lower cholesterol, build strong bones, improve the immune system, and increase circulation. What is Ackee Fruit? Ackee is a colorful and delicious fruit that is a popular addition to many exotic dishes and has become a mainstay in Caribbean cuisine, both for its flavor and its beneficial properties. Scientifically known as Blighia sapida, [1]this fruit is actually native to many of the nations of West Africa, not Jamaica, but it was likely exported there on a slave ship in the 18th century, where it became internationally known.



vegan soul food

ackee-salted tofu (m)oxtail roti curry chickpeas rasta bowl plantain rice and peas jerk lentils Irish moss soursop jamaican breakfast patties vegan plant based


breakfast sandwich 19

Organic eggs (3), spinach, vegan cheese, vegan mayonnaise on a baked bun, served with potato hash and side salad (spring mix).

vibes omelette 23

Organic eggs (4), vegan cheese, red and yellow organic peppers, organic spinach, served with rye bread, potato hash, and side salad (spring mix), organic avocado: Glutin-free bread option on request.

zelia's breakfast 21

Sauteed spinach 3 eggs over medium and toast, served with potato hash and side salad ( with organic avocado).

eggs scramble 14

Scrambled eggs (2) with toast (rye) served with potato hash, and side salad (spring mix) and avocado (organic).

kevin's breakfast 16

Organic farm fresh scrambled eggs (3), tempeh bacon, potato hash, side salad( spring mix) with organic avocado.

vegan brunch

vegan scramble 19

Scrambled (organic) tofu, mixed peppers, vegan cheese, nutritional yeast, black salt, served with potato hash, salad, and organic avocado.

ackee brunch 17

Traditional Jamaican sauteed ackee, red peppers, salted organic tofu, seasoning, and scotch bonnet pepper base, served with potato hash, avocado, and a side salad, toast (rye) with vegan butter.

vegan breakfast sandwich 16

Sauteed mixed red and yellow peppers, spinach, tempeh, sea salt, rosemary topped with vegan cheddar cheese on a baked warm bun, served with potato hash, salad, and avocado (organic).

avocado toast 19

the best avocado toast in the city

Organic avocado hand-mixed fresh to order, on multigrain bread sprinkled with fresh organic lime juice, hand-harvested sea salt (Vancouver) topped with organic sun-dried tomato, served with hash brown golden baked, and a side salad.

lunch + dinner

ackee & salted tofu (dinner) 23

Jamaican ackee (fruit) sauteed with salted tofu, scotch bonnet peppers, Spanish onions, tomato, thyme, garlic, and green onions, yellow, red, and orange peppers. Served with KA SPACE rice and peas (basmati: organic rice, spring mix salad, and avocado plus a fresh-baked roti skin.

chickpea potato curry roti 21

Organic chic peas, organic potatoes, red peppers, scotch bonnet peppers marinated in a west Indian styled sauce curry, wrapped in a fresh-made roti. Served with side salad and avocado.

rasta bowl 24

Ackee and salted tofu, curry chic peas, sliced avocado, sauteed spinach on a bed of rice and peas. Served with a side salad and avocado, and roti skin.

jerk lentils 18

Marinated and slow-cooked lentils, marinated with Jamaican style Jerk Sauce, potatoes. Served with our signature rice and peas, green salad, avocado, and roti skin.

vegan "salt-fish" 21

Sauteed organic palm hearts, sauteed mixed peppers, scotch bonnet pepper, onions (Spanish) , tomato, thyme. Served with rice and peas (basmati rice), spring mix salad, and avocado with a side of fresh-baked roti skin.

juice -bar

lychee and cactus pear (best juice in the world) 7.50

Jamaican (sunshine) guava juice 7.50

pineapple lemonade 7.50

lychee lemonade 7.50

seamoss infused -juice

seamoss infused tamarind juice 12.00

seamoss infused mango juice 12.00

seamoss infused soursop juice 12.00