The evolution of joy
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The Space

Leslieville toronto

Soul Collective (MTL.)

out of many, one people.

Parmi tant d'autres, un seul peuple.

多くの中から、一つの人々 (Ooku no naka kara, hitotsu no hitobito)

Tra molti, un solo popolo.

Welcome to KA SPACE cafe, where fashion and food converge to create a unique dining experience that nourishes both body and soul. Founded by visionary designer Kevin Allwood, KA SPACE cafe is more than just a place to enjoy delicious meals—it's a celebration of holistic living, where style and wellness intertwine. Welcome to KA SPACE cafe—where fashion meets flavour, and wellness is always on the menu.

Bienvenue au café KA SPACE, où la mode et la nourriture convergent pour créer une expérience culinaire unique qui nourrit à la fois le corps et l'âme. Fondé par le designer visionnaire Kevin Allwood, le café KA SPACE est bien plus qu'un simple endroit pour déguster de délicieux repas - c'est une célébration de la vie holistique, où le style et le bien-être s'entremêlent. Bienvenue au café KA SPACE - là où la mode rencontre la saveur et où le bien-être est toujours à l'honneur sur le menu.

KA SPACEカフェへようこそ。こちらはファッションと食が融合し、体と心を育むユニークなダイニング体験を提供する場所です。ビジョナリーデザイナー、ケビン・オールウッドによって設立されたKA SPACEカフェは、美味しい食事を楽しむだけの場所ではありません - スタイルとウェルネスが交差する、ホリスティックな生活を称賛する場所なのです。 ファッションとフレーバーが交わるKA SPACEカフェへようこそ。常にウェルネスがメニューになる場所です。

the space

dry bar

L'évolution de la joie




plant based vegetarian - kitchen /cafe / dry bar


ital plant based fusion

Let the KA SPACE CAFÉ experience transport you ... just add imagination. We will do the rest.

L'évolution de la joie

spring summer 2024

Step into the light at KA SPACE CAFÉ as we introduce our newest sensation: Soul Collective Evenings. From April onwards, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays will ignite with a vibe like no other as we unveil a sanctuary for non-alcoholic delights. Imagine immersing yourself in the sultry melodies of turntables and the rich tones of hi-fidelity tube amplifiers, all within an ambiance reminiscent of Japan's chic lounge culture. Inspired by the original Soul Collective spearheaded by Kevin Allwood at Club Peopl alongside DJ Jojo Flores, our evenings embody the essence of soulful beats and electrifying energy. Join us for an evening where every sip and every beat harmonize to create unforgettable moments

The evolution of joy

L'évolution de la joie

「喜びの進化」(Yorokobi no Shinka)

Ɛyɛ abuburosoɔ ne afɔrebɔsoɔ

A evolução da alegria

L'evoluzione della gioia

Evolutio gaudii

喜悅的演變" (hei2 jyut6 dik1 jin2 bin3)

In Japan, hi-fi jazz listening bars are often referred to as “jazz kissaten” (ジャズ喫茶) or simply “jazz bars.” These establishments are dedicated to providing a high-quality listening experience for jazz enthusiasts, often featuring carefully curated playlists, vintage audio equipment, and a cozy atmosphere conducive to enjoying the music.

Entrez dans la lumière au KA SPACE CAFÉ alors que nous vous présentons notre toute dernière sensation : les Soirées Soul Collective. À partir d'avril, les jeudis, vendredis et samedis seront enflammés d'une ambiance unique alors que nous dévoilons un sanctuaire pour les délices non alcoolisés. Imaginez-vous plonger dans les mélodies envoûtantes des platines et les riches tons des amplificateurs à tubes haute fidélité, le tout dans une ambiance rappelant la culture lounge chic du Japon. Inspirées par le collectif Soul original dirigé par Kevin Allwood au Club Peopl aux côtés du DJ Jojo Flores, nos soirées incarnent l'essence des rythmes soulful et de l'énergie électrisante. Rejoignez-nous pour une soirée où chaque gorgée et chaque battement s'harmonisent pour créer des moments inoubliables.



jazz kissaten" (ジャズ喫茶)

soul collective

jazz kissaten" (ジャズ喫茶)

L'évolution de la joie



vegan soul food

ackee-salted tofu (m)oxtail roti curry chickpeas rasta bowl plantain rice and peas jerk lentils Irish moss soursop jamaican breakfast patties vegan plant based


breakfast sandwich 19

Organic eggs (3), spinach, vegan cheese, vegan mayonnaise on a baked bun, served with potato hash and side salad (spring mix).

vibes omelette 23

Organic eggs (4), vegan cheese, red and yellow organic peppers, organic spinach, served with rye bread, potato hash, and side salad (spring mix): Glutin-free bread option on request.

zelia's breakfast 21

Sauteed spinach 3 eggs over medium and toast, served with potato hash and side salad.

eggs scramble 14

Scrambled eggs (2) with toast (rye) served with potato hash, and side salad (spring mix)).

kevin's breakfast 16

Organic farm fresh scrambled eggs (3), tempeh bacon, potato hash, side salad( spring mix).

vegan brunch

vegan scramble 19

Scrambled (organic) tofu, mixed peppers, vegan cheese, nutritional yeast, black salt, served with potato hash, salad.

ackee brunch 17

Traditional Jamaican sauteed ackee, red peppers, salted organic tofu, seasoning, and scotch bonnet pepper base, served with potato hash, and a side salad, toast (rye/ sour dough) with vegan butter.

vegan breakfast sandwich 16

Sauteed mixed red and yellow peppers, spinach, tempeh, sea salt, rosemary topped with vegan cheddar cheese on a baked warm bun, served with potato hash, salad.

avocado toast 18

the best avocado toast in the city

Organic avocado hand-mixed fresh to order, on multigrain bread sprinkled with fresh organic lime juice, hand-harvested sea salt (Vancouver) topped with organic sun-dried tomato, served with hash brown golden baked, and a side salad.

out of many, one people

The phrase "Out of Many, One People" is actually the national motto of Jamaica. It reflects the diverse origins of the Jamaican people, who have roots in Africa, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, among other places. This motto emphasizes unity in diversity, highlighting the idea that despite their various backgrounds, Jamaicans are one people.

La phrase "Out of Many, One People" est en réalité la devise nationale de la Jamaïque. Elle reflète les origines diverses du peuple jamaïcain, qui ont des racines en Afrique, en Europe, en Asie et au Moyen-Orient, entre autres endroits. Cette devise met en avant l'unité dans la diversité, soulignant l'idée que malgré leurs origines variées, les Jamaïcains ne forment qu'un seul peuple.

lunch + dinner

ackee & salted tofu (dinner) 25

Jamaican ackee (fruit) sauteed with salted tofu, scotch bonnet peppers, Spanish onions, tomato, thyme, garlic, and green onions, yellow, red, and orange peppers. Served with KA SPACE rice and peas (basmati: organic rice, spring mix salad, and roti (KA CAFE )skin.

chickpea potato curry roti 21

Organic chic peas, organic potatoes, red peppers, scotch bonnet peppers marinated in a west Indian styled sauce curry, with a fresh-made roti. Served with side salad.

rasta bowl 24

Ackee and salted tofu, curry chic peas, sauteed spinach on a bed of rice and peas. Served with a side salad, and roti skin.

jerk lentils 21

Marinated and slow-cooked lentils, marinated with Jamaican style Jerk Sauce, potatoes. Served with our signature rice and peas, green salad, and roti skin.

vegan "salt-fish" 27

Sauteed organic palm hearts, sauteed mixed peppers, scotch bonnet pepper, onions (Spanish) , tomato, thyme. Served with rice and peas (basmati rice), spring mix salad, with a side of fresh-baked roti skin.

juice -bar

lychee and cactus pear (best juice in the world) 7.50

Jamaican (sunshine) guava juice 7.50

pineapple lemonade 7.50

lychee lemonade 7.50