MY JAMAICA HEAVEN (FUND): A new vision of our future

We have been led to believe that one person cannot make a difference. Yet, history shows that it often starts with one person illuminating the path for others, proving that together we are stronger.

I have learned that true change begins when one person inspires many. This is why I am committed to the dream of building first-world standard schools and orphanages in Jamaica. Our children are the future, and they need our help.

I alone cannot achieve this, but I believe that by highlighting the need and utilizing my God-given creative talents, I can rally others to join this mission. I may not know the perfect solution, and I acknowledge the possibility of failure. However, I know that not trying guarantees failure and a lifetime of regret.

The My Jamaica Heaven Fund (MJH) aims to construct schools and orphanages in all 12 parishes of Jamaica. These institutions will serve as community hubs, fostering generational change and creating brighter futures for our children.

Join us in making a difference. Together, we can build a better Jamaica for the children everyone.

Kevin Allwood

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Canada's first zero proof (non-alcohol) full cocktail menu

LAUNCH MAY 1, 2024

ALLWOOD Cafe Pioneers Zero Proof Revolution: Sip, Savor, and Stay SOBER!

Toronto, May 27, 2024 — In a groundbreaking move that is set to transform the way we view cocktails, ALLWOOD Cafe in Leslieville, Toronto, is excited to announce the launch of its full zero proof non-alcoholic drink menu. This pioneering initiative marks ALLWOOD as the first cafe to offer a complete range of sophisticated, alcohol-free beverages, allowing patrons to drink irresponsibly, drink and drive, and revel in the evolution of joy.

The new menu is designed to cater to a diverse array of tastes, ensuring that every guest can find a drink that delights their palate without the effects of alcohol. From the moment one steps into ALLWOOD Cafe, the extensive zero proof menu crafted by expert mixologists (Mana Takahasi) offers an extraordinary drinking experience.

The menu features innovative creations such as the “TASTE OF LOVE,” a meticulously balanced blend of  lychee lemonade, raspberry mojito,and cuvée blanc sparkling, and the “Mockito,” a vibrant mix of fresh mint, lime, and zero proof rum. These drinks promise all the complexity and enjoyment of traditional cocktails, minus the alcohol.

Other standout beverages include “Zero Proof Margaritas,” “Virgin Old Fashioneds,” and “Gin and Tonic,” each designed to offer the perfect balance of flavors. Every drink at ALLWOOD Cafe is a testament to the creativity and skill of its mixologists, ensuring a memorable experience with every sip.

Chef Kevin, the creative director of ALLWOOD Agency, explains the motivation behind this innovative move: “We wanted to create an environment where everyone can enjoy the artistry of mixology without the drawbacks of alcohol. It’s about inclusivity, creativity, and most importantly, joy.”

The benefits of zero proof drinks are numerous. They cater to health-conscious individuals, expectant mothers, non-alcoholics, and anyone who prefers to stay sober while enjoying a night out. These beverages provide a fun and flavorful alternative that allows for a great time without the risk of a hangover.

ALLWOOD Cafe invites everyone to visit its Leslieville location and experience this exciting new venture. The zero proof menu is not just about serving drinks; it’s about creating an experience where joy and innovation come together. Raise a glass to good times, great company, and responsible revelry—because at ALLWOOD Cafe, it’s all about evolving the way beverages are enjoyed.

ALLWOOD: The Evolution of Joy.

For more information, visit ALLWOOD Cafe at Leslieville, Toronto, and discover the future of beverages today.


rose hall

ALLWOOD Resort Set to Open in Montego Bay, Jamaica in 2027: A Holistic Haven in the Heart of Rose Hall

Montego Bay, May 27, 2024 — ALLWOOD Agency is thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of ALLWOOD Resort in the storied and luxurious Rose Hall area of Montego Bay, Jamaica. Scheduled to open its doors in 2027, this unique resort will offer a holistic, vegan experience and the evolution holistic vacationing. Located just minutes from the sea, ALLWOOD Resort will provide stunning sea views from every suite, making it a landmark destination in Jamaica.

The resort will embody the ALLWOOD ethos of holistic living, combining a modern Zen aesthetic with world-class plant-based cuisine. Chef Kevin Allwood, the creative director of ALLWOOD Agency, describes the resort as “a space that is inclusive while being exclusive, a place to recharge and reconnect with nature and oneself.”

Guests will be treated to an array of plant-based dishes inspired by Jamaican cuisine. Signature meals will include “Ackee and Salted Tofu” and “Mox Tail” (a vegan twist on the traditional oxtail dish). The culinary experience at ALLWOOD Resort promises to delight the senses while promoting health and wellness.

One of the standout features of ALLWOOD Resort is its dedication to creating a holistic environment. The reception area will be dedicated to meditation, marriages, and meetings, providing a serene space for guests to find peace and clarity. The resort’s seven-story structure is designed to offer a boutique feel and foster a sense of community among guests.

Adding to the allure, ALLWOOD Resort will feature a designated jazz bar in the elegant Japanese Katazen style. This jazz bar will boast the first full non-alcoholic cocktail menu in Jamaica, offering a sophisticated and completely alcohol-free drinking experience. Guests can enjoy expertly crafted zero-proof cocktails while soaking in the soothing sounds of live jazz, creating a perfect ambiance for relaxation and enjoyment.

ALLWOOD Resort goes beyond luxury to offer an immersive, hands-on experience. Guests will have the opportunity to participate in gardening activities, picking fresh oranges, ackees, apples, and pineapples from the on-site farm. Imagine starting your day by juicing freshly picked oranges or harvesting ackees straight from the tree. This connection to the land and its bounty is a core part of the ALLWOOD philosophy.

The resort’s holistic approach will extend to every aspect of the guest experience, ensuring that each visitor leaves feeling rejuvenated and inspired. The ALLWOOD space is designed to be a sanctuary where like-minded individuals can come together, share experiences, and find joy in service to others.

With its unparalleled location, luxurious amenities, and commitment to holistic living, ALLWOOD Resort is set to become a premier destination for travelers seeking a unique and enriching experience in Jamaica.

Mark your calendars and get ready to experience the evolution of joy at ALLWOOD Resort in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Opening in 2027.

ALLWOOD: The Evolution of Joy.

For more information and to stay updated on the latest developments, stay tuned:)

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Exploring Jamaica's 12 Parishes: A Journey Through Diversity and Rich Heritage


Jamaica, often referred to as the “Land of Wood and Water,” is a vibrant Caribbean island known for its stunning beaches, lush mountains, and rich cultural heritage. At the heart of Jamaica’s charm lie its 12 parishes, each with its own distinct character and fascinating history. Let’s embark on a journey through these diverse regions, uncovering one intriguing detail about each.

  1. Kingston: The capital city of Jamaica, Kingston is not only the political and economic center but also boasts a vibrant cultural scene. One fascinating aspect of Kingston is its music heritage, being the birthplace of reggae music and home to the iconic Bob Marley Museum.

  2. St. Andrew: Adjacent to Kingston, St. Andrew is known for its lush hillsides and upscale neighborhoods. An interesting fact about St. Andrew is its Blue Mountains, which are not only scenic but also home to some of the world’s most sought-after coffee beans, Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee.

  3. St. Thomas: Located on the eastern end of the island, St. Thomas is renowned for its breathtaking coastline and rich history. One intriguing detail about St. Thomas is its connection to the legendary pirate, Captain Morgan, who reputedly had a hideout in the area.

  4. Portland: Often referred to as Jamaica’s most scenic parish, Portland is a haven for nature lovers with its lush rainforests, waterfalls, and pristine beaches. An interesting feature of Portland is the famous Blue Lagoon, a stunning turquoise cove surrounded by lush vegetation.

  5. St. Mary: Nestled between the Blue Mountains and the Caribbean Sea, St. Mary is known for its tranquil ambiance and agricultural heritage. One fascinating fact about St. Mary is its association with the folk legend of Annie Palmer, the White Witch of Rose Hall, whose ghost is said to haunt the Rose Hall Great House.

  6. St. Catherine: Home to the historic town of Spanish Town, St. Catherine is a parish steeped in history and cultural significance. An interesting detail about St. Catherine is its connection to the Emancipation Square, where the Emancipation Declaration was read on August 1, 1838, marking the end of slavery in Jamaica.

  7. Clarendon: With its vast plains and historic landmarks, Clarendon offers visitors a glimpse into Jamaica’s agricultural past. One intriguing feature of Clarendon is the Milk River Bath, a natural mineral spa believed to have healing properties.

  8. Manchester: Known as the “Bread Basket” of Jamaica, Manchester is renowned for its fertile farmlands and picturesque landscapes. An interesting fact about Manchester is its annual agricultural show, which showcases the region’s rich agricultural heritage and attracts visitors from across the island.

  9. St. Elizabeth: Often called the “breadbasket parish,” St. Elizabeth is Jamaica’s largest parish and a major agricultural hub. One fascinating aspect of St. Elizabeth is its historic Appleton Estate, where visitors can learn about the production of Jamaica’s famous Appleton Rum.

  10. Westmoreland: Famous for its stunning beaches and laid-back vibe, Westmoreland is a paradise for beach lovers and surfers. An interesting detail about Westmoreland is its connection to the Rastafarian movement, with the village of Nine Mile being the birthplace of reggae legend, Bob Marley.

  11. Hanover: With its pristine beaches and charming villages, Hanover offers visitors a taste of authentic Jamaican hospitality. One intriguing feature of Hanover is the Lucea Clock Tower, a historic landmark that serves as a reminder of the parish’s colonial past.

  12. St. James: Home to the vibrant resort town of Montego Bay, St. James is a popular tourist destination known for its beautiful beaches and lively nightlife. An interesting fact about St. James is its connection to the famous Rose Hall Great House, which is said to be haunted by the ghost of Annie Palmer.

Exploring Jamaica’s 12 parishes is not just a journey through diverse landscapes but also a dive into the rich tapestry of Jamaican culture and history. Whether it’s the bustling streets of Kingston or the tranquil shores of Portland, each parish offers its own unique charm and unforgettable experiences. So, pack your bags and get ready to discover the wonders of Jamaica, one parish at a time.


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